2019 Subaru BRZ continues to offer good times for a good price

Not much changes for 2019, but then again, the price doesn’t move much, either.

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The remains one of the most fun cars to drive without breaking a sweat -- or the speed limit, given its reasonably approachable limits. As it moves into the 2019 model year, that doesn't change, but there is a new limited-edition variant on offer for discerning fanatics.

The 2019 Subaru BRZ will start at $25,795 before $885 for delivery and destination, a bump of just $200 over the 2018 model year. The base Premium trim is only available with a six-speed manual transmission, and it packs solid standard features like LED headlights, keyless entry, two USB ports and a leather-trimmed interior. Its standard 6.2-inch touchscreen infotainment system offers embedded apps like Pandora and iHeartRadio , as well as satellite radio.

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Cool Gray Khaki isn't just a paint color, it's also how my dad describes his favorite pair of pants.


If you want more creature comforts and more tech, the 2019 BRZ Limited starts at $28,645. Standard equipment grows to include dual-zone automatic climate control, keyless start, Alcantara-trimmed heated seats and a 4.2-inch color screen in the gauge cluster. The infotainment screen grows to 7 inches and adds navigation, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. A six-speed manual is standard, but a six-speed automatic is also on offer.

For the drivers out there, the manual-transmission BRZ Limited can be optioned with the $1,195 Performance Package. This package adds four-piston Brembo front calipers and two-piston rear calipers, in addition to sportier Sachs shock absorbers. It also includes 17-inch alloy wheels that are exclusive to this package.

At the top of the 2019 BRZ range is the new Series.Gray trim, which builds on the Limited trim with its Performance Package upgrade. The exterior is tarted up with a special shade of gray paint (cool gray khaki), black side mirrors and black badging. The interior gets special door trim, a frameless rearview mirror and a special version of the 4.2-inch screen in the gauge cluster. Only 250 will be built for 2019, and each will command $30,140.

No matter the trim, the engine remains the same. It's a 2.0-liter flat-4 gas engine putting out 205 horsepower and 156 pound-feet of torque. The 2019 Subaru BRZ goes on sale in the fall.

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