2019 Subaru Ascent three-row SUV headed for LA Auto Show

It's going to be a busy end of November.

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Subaru's teaser for the Ascent debut doesn't offer much in the way of hints.


Subaru has been without a three-row crossover since it killed off the rather ugly Tribeca. But that's about to change, and best of all, it's finally going to be attractive.

Subaru announced on Twitter that it will unveil the production version of the 2019 Ascent three-row SUV on November 28, as part of the Los Angeles Auto Show . If you don't happen to be at the show with an accredited media badge, Subaru will livestream the event.

Everything we know about the Ascent comes from a concept of the same name, which Subaru showed off earlier this year at the New York Auto Show . It has seating for seven and many of the design staples featured on the Forester and Outback. It will ride on a modified version of Subaru's global vehicle platform, and under the hood will be a 2.4-liter turbocharged flat-four engine.

The Ascent concept was derived from the beefy Viziv-7 concept that first heralded the arrival of a three-row Subaru ute. The Viziv-7 debuted at last year's LA show, boasting sharp edges, crazy lighting and a healthy dose of blue trim. Surprisingly, it didn't change much between this concept and the Ascent. So hopefully the changes between concept and production won't be too drastic, either.  

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