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2019 Hyundai Santa Fe renderings show bulky body, thin lights

It's like the Kona deleted Facebook and hit the gym.


The Kona might be Hyundai's littlest crossover, but it's about to affect the largest member of the lineup in a big way.

Following up on last week's teaser, Hyundai has revealed two new renderings previewing the 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe SUV, which is set to debut later in February. A select few media members have already seen it in Korea, but these renderings are about as far as the rest of us hoi polloi have come to the real deal.

Renderings tend to exaggerate certain features, and these are not exceptions. Look past the ungainly wheels and bulbous fenders and you'll find some delectably sharp body lines and a generally standard three-row-crossover shape. The front and rear ends borrow heavily from the Kona subcompact SUV with thin lights and a grille that is, miraculously, not too big.

Hyundai hasn't talked much about the new Santa Fe, but thankfully, we've always got leaks. Speaking to Reuters, an unnamed source inside Hyundai told the outlet that the new Santa Fe will pack two different diesel engines (but probably not in the US), an eight-speed automatic transmission and some semi-autonomous driver assist tech borrowed from the Genesis luxury brand.

Hopefully, the lack of a "floating" D-pillar will stick around in the production model. That's a little played out already.