Hyundai's 2019 Iron Man-edition Kona suits up at San Diego Comic-Con

This movie tie-in is one you can take home with you, and it goes way more in-depth than that Nissan Rogue One thing.

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Kyle Hyatt
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In another movie crossover that doesn't make a ton of sense (we're looking at you, Nissan/Star Wars), just debuted its new Iron Man -edition at San Diego Comic-Con . If that leaves you scratching your head a little, you're not alone.

Still, as odd as the pairing is, it's actually a cool aesthetic upgrade for the little crossover. The front of the Kona has been adjusted ever so slightly to more closely resemble Iron Man's iconic face mask (sans the gold color, thankfully) and with the daytime running lights on, the whole thing kind of works. Toss in the matte-gray-and-Iron-Man-Red paint scheme, and we're not hating it.

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The glut of Iron Man badges and logos is a little much, but hey -- at least they didn't paint it gold!


Where it all begins to fall apart is the Iron Man badging on the fenders and the Stark Industries decals on the lower fascia and rear doors. You also get Iron Man center caps on the unique 18-inch wheels, Iron Man-engraved headlamp internal surfaces and an Iron Man engraving on the D-pillars.

The interior doesn't exactly escape from the Marvel-ization either. The instrument panel bears Tony Stark's signature, the shift knob is Iron Man specific, the HUD and center console get Iron Man graphics, and the seats are customized for the movie tie-in as well. It's kind of overkill, and we don't think that even Tony Stark would be into this much self-promotion.


Buyers of the Iron Man will be treated to Tony Stark's signature in the instrument cluster and a special Iron Man-themed HUD. No Jarvis here though, unfortunately.


Still, unlike a lot of these weird movie-tie-in cars, the Iron Man-edition Kona is one you can actually buy. It's going to get a limited production run beginning in December of 2018, with the first cars being delivered early in 2019.