Hyundai's 2019 Kona Iron Man edition gets a price even Tony Stark could love

The most well-done movie tie-in vehicle we've seen in years has a price tag.

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Picture this: You're the world's biggest Marvel Cinematic Universe fan, but your questionably Captain America-ized  1998 Ford Taurus has become so gross and unreliable that your friends and family will no longer ride in it. You have to replace it, but how do you do that and keep all your MCU street cred?

You make a beeline to your local Hyundai dealer, and you buy yourself the 2019 Hyundai Kona Iron Man Special Edition that made its debut last summer at San Diego Comic Con. The problem with that was that its pricing had been left as ambiguous as Hawkeye's usefulness in the Avengers, until now.

Hyundai has confirmed to Roadshow on Friday that the Kona Iron Man Special Edition will be offered in both front-wheel and all-wheel drive and that the starting price for each will be $31,595 and $32,995 respectively, including delivery. That represents a $3,050 premium over the next-most-expensive trim level. That's not exactly chump change but what does your $3,050 buy you?

Well, to Hyundai's credit, it buys you kind of a lot. You get a pretty comprehensive styling package that includes more red accents than you'd find at Black Widow's family reunion, unique wheels, a redesigned front bumper, special lighting, a bunch of Iron Man logos, Tony Stark's signature on your instrument panel and special in-car animations.

Hyundai's 2019 Kona Iron Man edition gets the full Stark Industries treatment

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Weirdly, this package also deletes the Kona's fog lights and makes the sunroof as scarce as Thor 2 cosplayers at Comic-Con. We're not sure why Hyundai thought this was a good idea, but what's done is done, and if you are the kind of person who is interested in the Iron Man Kona, you're probably willing to put up with that, given how many other special goodies the car has.

The Kona Iron Man Special Edition is limited, and it's already arriving in dealers, so if you want one, don't snooze -- this is going to be way more impressive to other humans than your Fantastic 4-themed certified preowned Toyota Sienna.