2019 Geneva Motor Show: Roadshow's favorite debuts

From insane supercars to cute, urban EVs, here's what we liked most at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show.

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Another Geneva Motor Show has come and gone, and as you can tell from our lengthy roundup, this year's show was certainly one for the books. From ridiculous supercars to far-out concepts, the 2019 Geneva show was downright impressive.

Among all the hot, new metal on display in Switzerland, a few cars caught our editors' attention more than others. Here's what we liked most at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show.

Tim Stevens' pick: Ferrari F8 Tributo

The Ferrari 488 was already one of the best supercars on the market, but progress waits for no machine. At the 2019 Geneva show, Ferrari already showing off the 488's successor, the new, 710-horsepower F8 Tributo.

Yes, 710 horsepower from its turbocharged V8, which is a 50-hp bump over the outgoing 488, more or less matching the limited-edition 488 Pista. That, plus an 88-pound weight loss, means a 0-60 mile-per-hour time of just 2.9 seconds.

On the outside is a wholly new nose and tail, making the front-end looking simpler and cleaner than before, while the rear sports a new, transparent engine cover that gives me all sorts of good memories of the F40 I had on my wall as a kid.

Ferrari F8 Tributo is a 710-hp replacement for the 488

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Chris Paukert's pick: VW I.D. Buggy

VW's always been at its best when it's let its hair down and gone a bit left of center. Beetle. Bus. GTI. Dune buggy. OK, maybe only kind of in the case of that last one, since the automaker itself didn't originate the idea. However, it is happily, inextricably linked with that type of vehicle, which it has reprised here with the I.D. Buggy concept.

The I.D. Buggy trades in VW's air-cooled engines of yore in favor of an all-electric setup. There's a 201-hp electric motor that drives the rear wheels, powered by a 62-kWh battery. The powertrain is good for 0-62 mph in a modest 7.2 seconds and 155 miles of range.

That's not exactly gobs of performance, but it should be plenty for fun-in-the-sun running. Plus, if the dune buggies like the original Meyers Manx are anything to go by, that's just a starting point for more fun. Let's hope they build it.

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Volkswagen's I.D. Buggy is the electric dune buggy of our dreams

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Steven Ewing's pick: Honda E Prototype

Though it's not quite as lovable as its Urban EV concept predecessor, there's a lot to love about Honda's E Prototype. For starters, it's just too cute. From its big eyes to its stylish wheels, I can't get enough of this little guy.

Honda says the E Prototype rides atop a dedicated, rear-wheel-drive EV platform, which is a great setup. Of course, Honda hasn't released any power figures our range estimates, but since it's primarily designed for European city centers, I'm willing to bet neither figure will be particularly robust.

The best part? It's totally destined for production. No, we won't see it in the US, but I can't wait to get all hearts-for-eyes-emoji every time I see one of these during a trip to Europe.

Honda E Prototype is a too-cute EV for Europe

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Jake Holmes' pick: Aston Martin Vanquish Vision Concept

A few years ago, it was tough to tell what Aston Martin's plan for the future was. But now, with the Vanquish Vision Concept, the company shows it wants to go headlong into competition with the likes of Ferrari and McLaren.

A traditionalist, like myself, might argue that Aston excels at building beautiful GTs and that chasing ultimate performance isn't really in the brand's DNA. But it's great to see the company reinventing itself and doing something new.

Other things I dig about the Vanquish concept: It looks stunning, with poster-car proportions, exaggerated design elements and great presence. It also is far more relevant and interesting to everyday consumers (this is a relative term, of course) than the outlandish Valkyrie and AM-RB 003. I'm looking forward to seeing the real thing in 2022.

Aston Martin Vanquish Vision Concept is a midengined stunner

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Antuan Goodwin's pick: Audi Q4 E-Tron Concept

Audi expanded the E-Tron lineup with its fifth fully electric vehicle debut. The Q4 E-Tron is a compact SUV with a sloping, coupe-like roofline up top, and a big, 82-kWh battery down below.

The Q4 also debuts interesting new technologies. Up front and out back, the LED light signature will be customizable by the driver at the touch of a button. Inside, it will feature a massive, AR head-up display.

With two electric motors, the Q4 should put out around 301 horsepower and cruise for about 280 miles per charge. Expect it to hit the road sometime in early 2021.

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Audi Q4 E-Tron is destined for production by 2020

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Emme Hall's pick: Pininfarina Battista

The Battista is an all-electric hypercar that pushes out 1,900 horsepower and 1,696 pound-feet of torque. That's enough to send all this gorgeousness to 62 mph in less than 2 seconds.

The 120-kWh lithium-ion battery pack provides a range of up to 280 miles, if you can keep that right foot off the skinny pedal for most of your drive.

We'll only see 150 Pininfarina Battistas on the road, and we don't have a final confirmation of price as of yet. But it's expected to cost somewhere between $2 and $2.5 million.

This is the $2 million Automobili Pininfarina Battista

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Andrew Krok's pick: Polestar 2

The Polestar 1 is cool, but it's a six-figure PHEV. The Polestar 2, on the other hand, is a much more affordable five-door, and it's fully electric.

The Polestar 2's design further separates the brand from its parent company Volvo. I'm especially a fan of its unique squarish wheel design, and the whole thing just clicks when you look at it in person.

The interior is pretty, but the most interesting part isn't technically visible -- it's the Android-based infotainment system that looks and feels far more premium than Volvo's Sensus Connect.

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2021 Polestar 2 is Sweden's sleek Tesla rival

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