The best forbidden fruit of the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show

Here's a look at the great new cars we can't have in the United States.

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A fast, German wagon? Want.

Andrew Hoyle/Roadshow

Nothing tastes sweeter than a juicy piece of forbidden fruit. Whenever we attend foreign auto shows, we get to see all the latest and greatest cars, even if they're look-but-don't-touch affairs. And here at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show, there are a few overseas offerings that we're really, really mad we can't have.

Our wish list starts with the Volkswagen ID 3, the company's newest electric hatch that rides atop VW's new MEB architecture. Sure, we'll get the new ID 4 SUV in the not-too-distant future, but this ID 3 really speaks to us as a useful urban runabout.

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Speaking of which, have you seen the Honda E? This cute little electric car is just begging for use around Roadshow's San Francisco headquarters. It might not have a ton of range, but as a city car, it's just about perfect.

Smart recently pulled out of the US, and subsequently launched the new Fortwo and Forfour range. These pint-sized EVs would also be great city cars, even if their high price tags are pretty hard to justify.

Finally, there's the Alpina B3 Touring, a high-performance version of BMW's new 3 Series wagon. It's stylish, luxurious and goes like hell, and we'd love to road trip this thing across the US.

Volkswagen ID 3 wants to make electric cars common

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