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2019 Ford Ranger recalled over glitching taillights

Electrical connector terminals could be misaligned and keep the taillights from functioning.

Ford Ranger FX2 Off-Road Package
Taillights are kind of important.

Wonky taillights will send thousands of 2019 Ford Ranger models back to the dealership after the automaker announced a new recall on Monday.

Ford said 72,718 Rangers in the US and 5,546 models in Canada are part of the recall that surrounds taillights that may not function at all. The problem rests in electrical connector terminals that may be misaligned or improperly seated. If the pickup does have the defect, the taillights won't work 100% of the time, or might not work at all.

Obviously, taillights are an important piece of any vehicle. They let drivers following behind know when the brakes are applied and include the ever important (and never optional) turn signal. The safety hazard in faulty taillights is clear. If a Ranger's taillights aren't working, others may not know when the driver is braking, reversing or indicating and increases the risk of a crash.

Even if the taillights don't work, Ford said the center brake light, known as the high-mounted center stop light, is not affected.

Once owners bring their Ranger to a dealership, a technician will have a look at the connector terminals and see if they're loose. If one is, it'll be repinned in a replacement connector. No word on when notices will go out, but it should be a quick fix for owners.

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