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2019 Ford Ranger accessories list is heavy on the Yakima

Ford will sell Yakima parts at the dealer, and they'll come with a hefty warranty.

If you're not keen on Yakima products, Ford's accessories list also offers a variety of bed-enhancing parts from Thule, too.


In mid-October, an alleged list of accessories for the 2019 Ford Ranger hit the internet. Now, we have the real thing, and it's pretty darn close to what was leaked last month.

Ford on Tuesday unveiled the full list of accessories for the 2019 Ford Ranger. The big news associated with this list is that Ford will stock a wealth of Yakima parts for the Ranger at its dealerships. If the parts are purchased through the dealer, they'll come with a 3-year or 36,000-mile warranty, and further extended warranties are also available.

According to the accessories list, which can be accessed here, there are loads of Yakima parts available. Whether you're after roof racks, bed racks, tents, paddleboard carriers or a locking cargo box, Yakima's got you covered. Best of all, this partnership extends to the Explorer and F-150, too, so more than Ranger buyers can get in on this.

Of course, the list goes well beyond Yakima's own offerings. While the bull bars from the leaked list are nowhere to be seen, there's plenty of good stuff in there. There are a number of bed liners and mats available, in addition to remote-start systems and alarms. You can trick out the truck's look with fender flares, skid plates and wind deflectors -- heck, there's even a snorkel on offer.

"Offering Yakima products through our Ford dealerships is a win-win," said Eric Cin, director of vehicle personalization for Ford, in a statement. "It provides customers access to quality adventure accessories and gives them another reason to return to dealerships." The SEMA trade group estimates that customers will spend $45 billion on vehicle personalization in 2018, and Ford would be silly to let that money slip through its fingers.