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Say goodbye to the BMW 3 Series' manual transmission

The G20-generation 3 Series will be the first without a stick shift.


Pour one out for yet another manual transmission. BMW -- a company that has long offered stick-shift options across many of its model lines -- is officially discontinuing the six-speed manual option in its recently revealed G20-generation 3 Series sedan.

"The sport automatic [transmission] is standard on both 330i/xi and M340i/xi models," a BMW spokesperson confirmed to Roadshow in an email. "At this time there are no plans to offer a manual transmission for these models."

This isn't just specific to the US, either. A company spokesperson said this is a "global decision" -- BMW will not offer a manual 3 Series in any market.

Of course, this decision is hardly surprising. Audi recently dropped the manual transmission option in its US-spec A4 sedan, which with the 3 Series directly competes. Similarly, Mercedes doesn't offer a stick-shift option in its C-Class range.

The current-generation 3 Series sedan can be had with a manual transmission in its 320i, 330i and 340i guises. Even the 4 Series coupe and Gran Coupe, which shares its underpinnings with the 3 Series, is available with a six-speed stick in certain trims.

The brand-new 3 Series makes its debut at the Paris Motor Show this week and will arrive in US showrooms in early 2019.