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Bestselling cars, trucks and SUVs for every automaker

Some automakers' most-popular nameplates outsell the rest of their vehicle lineups combined. Here's the scoop.

The Best-Selling Vehicles in 2019
Once again, trucks and crossovers prove overwhelmingly popular in America.
Craig Cole/Roadshow/Volvo/Audi/Jaguar/Mitsubishi/Ford/Honda/Kia/Toyota/Chrysler

Certain vehicles are absolute cornerstones of their companies' lineup, accounting for huge percentages of their brand's overall sales. Take the Chevrolet Silverado 1500, for instance. Last year, Bowtie dealers pushed out nearly 439,000 of them, or more than the combined sales of Chevy's entire car range, which includes the Bolt, Camaro, Corvette, Cruze, Impala, Malibu, Sonic, Spark and Volt. Also, did you know the old Grand Caravan is Dodge's top-performing model? It's true! In 2019, this venerable minivan outperformed far sexier products like the Challenger, Charger and Durango. Over at Honda, the CR-V is far and away the brand's sales leader, outpacing the combined deliveries of several other light-truck models.

Here's a compilation of the most popular new vehicle nameplates at every major automaker, as well as how their figures compare to the showroom performance of other models in a given brand's range. Some car companies avoid reporting sales, while others don't break them out by country. However, these are typically smaller, boutique firms like Ferrari or Aston Martin. Accordingly, they've been excluded from this list. Here's how everything shook out in 2019 (the most recent complete year of sales available) in sales for the good ol' US of A.


The RDX crossover SUV was Acura's bestselling model in 2019, accounting for 62,876 of this luxury brand's 157,385 US deliveries. That means it handily topped the combined sales of the ILX, TLX and RLX sedans, as well as the NSX supercar. Only the MDX came close to the Acura RDX, though it was still around 11,000 units behind.

Alfa Romeo

Given how popular Acura's SUVs are, it should be no surprise that the Stelvio utility vehicle is Alfa Romeo's top seller in the US. Even though deliveries fell off a cliff last year, tumbling 22%, the Italian brand still managed to push out 9,444 copies of this stylish and highly dynamic vehicle. That's more than the combined sales of the two other Alfa Romeo products sold in America, the Giulia sedan and the 4C sports car.


Next up, Audi. The Q5 crossover was this German brand's most-popular model last year, racking up 67,516 sales, a year-over-year decrease of about 4%. That showing means it still outperformed all of the Four-Ring brand's other utility vehicles combined. Deliveries of the Q3, Q7 and Q8 only totaled 63,727. The larger Q7 was Audi's second most-popular crossover, though the Q5 still outsold it nearly 2:1.


It's a very similar story at BMW, another Bavarian luxury automaker. The Munich-based firm's top seller in the US last year was its X3 utility vehicle, with deliveries totaling 70,110 units, an impressive year-over-year increase of more than 14%. For a little perspective, sales of that crossover were nearly 1.5 times greater than the 3 Series car line, which accounted for 47,827 sales in 2019.


Sales at the Tri-Shield brand are crazy. The Encore subcompact crossover basically accounted for half of this GM division's deliveries in 2019. Dealers moved 102,402 of these bulbous little buggers, a 10% increase over the previous year. Interestingly, combined sales of Buick's other two utility vehicles, the pricier Envision and Enclave, only totaled 84,385.


Cadillac's top seller in 2019 was, not surprisingly, a crossover. The XT5 utility vehicle accounted for 49,879 of the brand's 156,246 deliveries last year, or just shy of a third of the division's overall sales. This single vehicle more than tripled the sales of all of Cadillac's sedans. In 2019, combined sales of the ATS, CT5, CT6 and CTS only totaled 16,093 units. We'll see if Cadillac's entry-level XT4 SUV can mix things up next year.


In 2019, Chevrolet sold just shy of 2 million vehicles in the US. Naturally, the Silverado 1500 full-size pickup accounted for a large chunk of that total, with a whopping 438,686 of them finding new homes. That's more than the combined deliveries of Chevy's entire car range. When you tally up sales of the Bolt, Camaro, Corvette, Cruze, Impala, Malibu, Sonic, Spark and Volt, they only total 357,703 units.


The Chrysler Pacifica minivan racked up 97,705 sales in the US last year. That works out to about 77% of the brand's total deliveries. In 2019, combined sales of the discontinued 200 sedan and the larger 300, as well as the old Town & Country van totaled 29,266 units, only about a third as many as the Pacifica.


What's your favorite Dodge model? Are you a Challenger fan? Does the Durango float your boat? Or is the value-priced Journey more your style? Believe it or not, the old Grand Caravan minivan was the brand's best seller in 2019. Deliveries totaled 122,648, just a few thousand units shy of the combined sales of the Durango and Challenger. How did this happen? The Grand Caravan has long been a low-cost favorite of rental and government fleets.


If any automotive brand is in freefall in the US, it's Fiat. US sales tumbled 41% last year to a mere 9,200 units. The now-discontinued 500 small car was its top performer, racking up 3,267 deliveries. That's just 22 units off the combined sales of the Italian brand's larger 500L and 500X crossovers.


Even though sales declined about 1.4% compared to 2018, Ford still says it delivered 896,526 F-Series trucks last year. Unfortunately, the automaker doesn't break out sales of individual models, but the auto industry analysts at IHS Markit estimate the popular F-150 accounted around 61% of the the F-Series' total, which works out to about 547,000 units. In comparison, all of the Ford brand's cars, from its Fusion sedan to the Fiesta hatchback to the GT exotic, only accounted for 324,780 deliveries in 2019, which just goes to show you how incredibly popular trucks are these days. Compared to its big brother, the midsize Ranger pickup racked up just 89,571 sales in 2019, meaning the F-150 outperformed it by a factor of six.


After a very slow beginning, this South Korean luxury brand is beginning to gain traction. Its products are generally excellent, and the American buying public is starting to notice. Genesis' most-popular model in the US last year was the G70 sedan, the luxury marque's least-expensive product, which accounted for 11,901 of its 21,233 total sales. Year-over-year growth for this nameplate was a whopping 2,810%. That's a whale of a number, but remember, it's easy to post huge percentage increases when the starting volumes are relatively low. Underscoring its importance to the brand, the G70's showroom performance exceeded the total sales of the G80 and G90 sedans, which, combined, only accounted for 9,332 deliveries in 2019. Due this summer, the 2021 GV80 SUV can't come soon enough.


Just like with Chevrolet, GMC's top seller last year was a half-ton truck, the Sierra 1500. Sister vehicle to the Silverado, GMC dealerships moved 172,452 of these pickups in 2019. That's more than combined sales of the Acadia crossover, Canyon midsize pickup and Savana van.


Far and away, the CR-V crossover SUV was Honda's bestselling nameplate in 2019. Dealers moved 384,168 of them. The Civic family was the automaker's second bestselling model, though it fell short of that total by nearly 59,000 units. The CR-V proved to be more popular than the HR-V, Odyssey, Passport and Pilot put together. Combined sales of these nameplates were only 369,310 units.


Bucking current industry trends, the Elantra small car was Hyundai's top-performing model in America last year, with 175,094 sold. That performance is down about 12.6% compared to 2018, but it was still enough to exceed the overall deliveries of the rest of Hyundai's car range. Combined sales of the Accent, Ioniq, Sonata and Veloster only totaled 145,517 units. It'll be interesting to see if the radically redesigned-for-2021 Elantra can hold onto the crown when it comes to market soon. 


If you guessed the QX60 was Infiniti's most-popular nameplate in 2019, you'd be right. Dealerships moved 43,162 of these luxury crossovers last year. That means it accounted for around 37% of the troubled brand's 117,708 total deliveries in America. It easily outsold all of Infiniti's other SUVs. Combined, deliveries of the QX30, QX50, QX70 and QX80 only hit 40,964 units.


Jaguar delivered 31,051 vehicles in the US last year. The British luxury brand's F-Pace utility vehicle accounted for 15,491 of those sales, a whopping 50% of the Leaping Cat's sales. Combined sales of the E-Pace, F-Type sports car, I-Pace EV, XE, XF and XJ totaled 15,560, just 69 units more than the F-Pace by its lonesome.


Jeeps are hugely popular. The off-road-focused brand is easily FCA's top performer. In 2019, American sales hit 923,291 vehicles, an impressive figure by anyone's measure. Remarkably, the marque's most-popular nameplate was its aging Grand Cherokee, which accounted for 242,969 of those deliveries, more than the combined sales of Jeep's newer and more affordable Compass and Renegade models.


The Soul has been a transformative product for the Kia brand. With spunky styling, clever features and plenty of hamsters, it put this South Korean automaker on the map when it arrived about a dozen years ago. In 2019, it was the brand's bestselling nameplate in the US, with dealers pushing out 98,033 of them. Kia's sales were unusually balanced last year, with the Forte, Optima and Sorento each eclipsing 95,000 units. Even the Sportage came close to that figure, registering more than 89,000 deliveries. Still, the Soul's sales exceeded the combined total of the Cadenza, K900, Niro, Rio, Sedona and Stinger.

Land Rover

Given its all-utility-vehicle lineup, it should be no surprise Land Rover's sales grew in 2019. They increased about 3% year over year to 94,736 units. The Range Rover Sport was its most popular individual nameplate, accounting for 25,768 of those deliveries, or roughly 27% of the company's total sales. That figure exceeds the combined sales of the Discovery and Discovery Sport models.


Lexus' best seller in 2019 was its RX crossover. Dealers delivered 111,036 of them. That figure is enough to eclipse the total sales of all the brand's other utility vehicles. Combined, the LX, GX, NX and UX only accounted for 106,103 sales. That ever-popular RX even topped Lexus' overall car deliveries. Lumped together, sales of the ES, GS, IS, LC, LFA, LS and RC only totaled 80,975.


Long-troubled Lincoln is slowly clawing its way back to relevance. In 2019, the Nautilus/MKX crossover was this brand's top-performing model, with sales totaling 31,711 units. Overall, this vehicle outperformed the larger Aviator and Navigator utility vehicles. Combined, sales of those models totaled 26,979 units last year.


Mazda is the little Japanese automaker that could. Despite being far smaller than rivals like Honda and Toyota, it sill manages to build some truly amazing products. Far and away, the Hiroshima-based firm's most-popular vehicle in 2019 was the surprisingly upscale and engaging CX-5 compact crossover SUV, which accounted for 154,545 sales. In comparison, the automaker's second-most-popular product, the Mazda3 sedan and hatchback, only racked up 50,741 deliveries. It's also worth noting, the CX-5 outsold all other Mazda models combined, and it did so by a whopping 30,538 units. Talk about a showroom-dominating product.


Mercedes-Benz's bestselling model last year was the GLC crossover, which accounted for 73,650 of the 357,729 vehicles it sold in America. This nameplate outsold the larger GLE and GLS models, which accounted for 72,205 deliveries combined.


The bestselling model last year at BMW's slow-selling Mini brand was its Countryman crossover. Dealerships moved 13,969 of them, which was more than the combined sales of the Clubman, Convertible and Cooper four-door model ranges.


It's easy to dump on Mitsubishi. At least in America, the Japanese brand's products are fairly lackluster, though the company's sales have been growing steadily of late, increasing 2.5% last year, totaling 121,046. The Outlander crossover SUV was the star of this triple-diamond show, accounting for 37,965 of those deliveries, or nearly a third of the brand's sales. The Outlander Sport was Mitsubishi's second-best seller, racking up 33,644 deliveries in 2019.


Once again, the Rogue compact crossover was Nissan's top seller in America. Last year, 350,447 of them found new homes. That figure easily eclipses the combined sales of this brand's other SUV models, including the Armada, Kicks, Murano and Pathfinder, which only accounted for 224,289 deliveries. The Altima sedan was Nissan's second most-popular individual nameplate in 2019, though only 209,183 of them were delivered -- 141,264 fewer copies than the Rogue.


Not even Porsche is immune to crossover fever. The Macan small SUV was its top seller in America last year. If you can believe it, 22,667 of them were delivered, representing about 37% of Porsche's total American sales. The Macan outperformed all of the company's car lines, exceeding the combined sales of the 911, Boxster, Cayman, Taycan and Panamera, which, altogether, only totaled 19,900 units. That's right, today, Porsche is arguably an SUV company that happens to make some might good sports cars.


Jeep may be FCA's top-performing division, but Ram isn't far behind. The truck-focused brand racked up 703,023 sales in 2019. Subtract the ProMaster van range, and Ram moved 633,694 pickups last year. Of that total, the half-ton Ram 1500 was the automaker's top-selling nameplate. Responding via email, Sam Fiorani of AutoForecast Solutions noted that it accounted for about 60% of Ram's overall pickup sales, or roughly 380,000 units. That means last year the Ram 1500 handily outsold all other Ram models combined.


Last year, the Outback station wagon/crossover was the American driving public's preferred Subaru. Motorists snapped up 181,178 of them in 2019. That performance barely outpaced the Forester, which accounted for 180,179 of the automaker's 700,117 total deliveries. Outback sales exceed the combined performance of the Impreza range including the WRX and STI models, plus the Legacy sedan and BRZ coupe.


Everybody's favorite electric-vehicle manufacturer sold around 195,125 vehicles in America last year, at least according to our friends at The Model 3 sedan, Tesla's most affordable model, proved to be the company's top seller by a massive margin. Around 161,100 were delivered in 2019, which works out to about 83% of the brand's total sales. In comparison, just 34,025 copies of the Model S sedan and Model X SUV found new homes in the US last year.


Toyota is an automotive juggernaut. The Capital T's namesake division delivered more than 2 million vehicles in the US last year, and of that total, the RAV4 took the crown. Sales of this crossover hit a whopping 448,071 units in 2019. That performance is enough to top the combined sales total of the 86/FR-S, Avalon, Corolla, Mirai, Prius, Supra and Yaris.


Crossovers, crossovers, crossovers! You can practically hear the US driving public chanting that mantra as they head to dealerships to pick up the latest and greatest utility vehicles. Honda, Toyota and Nissan's top-selling models are all crossovers, and the same is true for Volkswagen. Tiguan deliveries hit 109,963 in the US last year, which means it accounted for about 30% of the automaker's total deliveries. The Tiguan exceeded the combined sales of the Arteon, Beetle, Golf family, Passat and CC (which was actually discontinued before 2019). All those models put together only totaled 71,238.


Finally, we come to Volvo. Despite being one of its more expensive models, the Swedish firm's XC90 utility vehicle was the company's bestselling model last year, accounting for 35,760 of its 108,234 sales. That showroom performance means it outsold the company's entire car range, including its lifted Cross Country variants. Deliveries of the S60, S90, V60, V60 Cross Country, V90 and V90 Cross Country only totaled 24,242 units.