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2019 Audi A6 gets an Avant version, wagon geeks rejoice

The new A6 isn't a bad-looking ride, but adding a few feet of length and a big hatch to the roof makes it even better-looking still.

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The best part about Audi releasing an updated sedan is the inevitable release of a super-sexy Avant model a few months later. Such is the case with the newly announced A6 Avant which Audi announced today.

The first thing that any car nerd will want to know is how does it look with a long roof? Well, good, mostly. Audi is one of the best in the business when it comes to styling its wagons but this time around the side view reads a bit Cadillac CTS-V with the shape of the glass. From every other angle, it's a handsome beast.

The Avant version of Audi's new A6 turns the good looks up to 11.


The cargo area is configurable and can offer from 20 cubic feet of space to nearly 60 with everything folded down. Not bad for something as sleek as the Avant. The rest of the interior is typical Audi excellent with the changes mirroring those of the A6 sedan we saw in Geneva. Audi's updated MMI system encourages you to get all touchy-feely with multiple screens, and two different main screen sizes are available, depending on how fancy you get with the options list.

From a chassis standpoint, the Avant has serious handling potential thanks to optional all-wheel steering that will work with that famous Audi all-wheel drive to effectively lengthen and shorten the wheelbase of the vehicle. This means that the A6 Avant so-equipped, which is nearly 25 feet long, has a turning circle of just 36.4 feet. Not bad, Audi. Not bad at all.

Audi does wagons right and the new Avant is no exception.


Under the hood, Audi isn't giving us anything new in terms of engine choice, though all of the available engines are equipped with a mild hybrid system. This system, which uses a lithium ion battery pack, enables advanced start/stop in traffic and can increase performance. The 48-volt system also has regenerative braking which can recharge up to 12 kilowatts.

It's not clear whether we'll get this long-roofed beauty here in the US, but considering Audi's recent announcement of a wagon variant of the RS5, we aren't totally disheartened. Fingers crossed!