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Audi's A4 Ultra Sport is a subtle sendoff to the manual transmission

Audi is only building 40 of these highly-optioned and super exclusive A4's, so you better try and grab one now if you want one.

Audi may be killing its manual transmission offerings, but it's at least trying to send the stick out with a little flair. The A4 is getting a very limited special Ultra Sport edition of 40 vehicles. These cars will benefit from a number of styling features normally reserved for the S4.

Despite this being essentially a really expensive appearance package -- Audi is expecting punters to pay nearly $7,000 for the pleasure of owning an Ultra Sport, and all Ultra Sports are identical-- we are finding it hard to argue with the results of their styling tweaks.

The A4 Ultra Sport is an enthusiast's dream with enough subtle styling tweaks to make the car stand out to those in the know, but it's subtle enough to fly under most people's radar.

Audi Club North America

The A4 Ultra Sport starts life as a Premium-spec A4, gets its requisite manual transmission, and is then slathered in otherwise-S4-exclusive Quantum Grey paint. Next, the folks in Ingolstadt slap on some handsome 19-inch five-spoke wheels and the Black Optics package from the S-car. Carbon fiber also makes an appearance in the form of mirror caps and a small trunk lid spoiler.

Inside you get a hot-looking flat-bottom steering wheel, S-line leather and Alcantara all over, stainless pedals, dynamic steering, black headliner, carbon fiber from the RS4 Avant and of course, Audi's super great Virtual Cockpit.

The interior gets S-Line leather, tons of Alcantara and carbon trim from the RS4 Avant.

Audi Club North America

One thing the A4 Ultra Sport doesn't get is any kind of model or engine designation. This means the A4 Ultra Sport will remain a super low-key car that only real geeks and enthusiasts will appreciate in public. Everyone else will just say, "Hey, that's a nice-looking grey Audi."

Word 'round the campfire is that all 40 cars are currently in the US and awaiting transport to dealers so if you've gotta have one, start annoying your dealer ASAP.