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2018 Volvo XC60 is the least expensive new Volvo yet

Yes, the LED headlights come standard.

The new Volvo XC60

When Volvo introduced the all-new XC90, it blew many away with its excellent styling and quality interior appointments. Now, all that Swedish goodness can be had in a smaller, more affordable utility vehicle.

The 2018 Volvo XC60 goes on sale in the US this fall. It will start at $41,500 for the XC60 T5, which comes with all-wheel drive and a turbocharged I4 good for 250 horsepower. Like other new Volvo models, the XC60 comes standard with those gnarly "Thor's Hammer" LED headlights, as well as a 9-inch Sensus Connect infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Volvo's on a tear with its designs. You get one seriously gorgeous crossover for a darn decent price.


If that's not enough get-up-and-go for you, there are two other engines on offer. The XC60 T6 takes that turbocharged engine and adds a supercharger, as well, boosting output to 316 hp. It's not much more expensive than the T5, either, with a starting price of $44,900.

If you are feeling a bit greener, the XC60 T8 packs a plug-in hybrid drivetrain using the same four-banger as the other variants. That's where the price soars into the ionosphere, though -- the hybrid XC60 can be had for the princely sum of $52,900.

In addition to the standard equipment mentioned above, the XC60 comes with a suite of active and passive safety systems. It'll warn you when you're leaving the lane, going so far as to rein you back in if it detects a potential collision. It'll stop by itself and highlight cars in your blind spot. Not too bad for a starting price barely over $40,000.