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Suzuki is recalling 2,040 GSX250R motorcycles over faulty headlights

Luckily only the 2018 model is affected, but the fix for the problem is still being worked on.

Having a headlight malfunction on a motorcycle is bad news.

One of the most essential things a motorcyclist can do to stay safe in traffic is to be conspicuous. That's a big part of why most modern motorcycles run with their headlights on all the time. Even during the day, having a low-beam blazing does wonders for getting people in cars to notice you. That's why any issue with headlights on a motorcycle is a big deal.

Those issues are compounded when it's a bike aimed at beginner motorcycle riders, such as the Suzuki GSX250R, which is now subject to a recall over concerns that its high- and low-beam headlights could fail. Specifically, there are 2,040 examples of the 2018 model year bike being recalled in the US.

As of Oct. 9, Suzuki was still trying to cook up a solution, but given the exceedingly simple nature of motorcycles in general and these affordable beginner-oriented motorcycles in particular, we suspect it won't be terribly involved.

Notices have already gone out to owners of affected bikes, and those owners can expect to see another notice once a fix has been decided upon.

Suzuki representatives didn't immediately respond to Roadshow's request for comment.