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Porsche Motorsport via Twitter

Porsche went and built a rally-spec Cayman GT4 Clubsport, we're stoked

It's enough to make you want to hug every member of Porsche's Motorsport group.

Despite being a very traditional, straight-laced German company, Porsche does some pretty zany things when it comes to making cars. The latest exercise in silliness comes in the form of the Cayman GT4 Clubsport Rally concept. Yes, we said rally.

The GT4 Clubsport isn't anything new, it's essentially the stripped-out, PDK-only racing-only version of the much-loved Cayman GT4 and as such, you might imagine it would be a feast for the senses, and you'd be right. Now, imagine the howl of the mid-mounted naturally aspirated flat-six bouncing off of trees and mixing with the sound of gravel hitting the underside of the car as it slides its way through a dirt hairpin.

This concept represents the intersection of all the very best things about cars.

Porsche Motorsport via Twitter

Yeah, the appeal of a Rally GT4 is pretty much self-evident. Porsche is remaining typically Teutonically tight-lipped about any mechanical differences that the concept may have from the standard Clubsport but the images that they've given us show a drool-worthy light pod mounted on the frunk-lid and a roof scoop and beefed up underbody protection that we see in the photos. We'd expect that the car has a much longer, softer and more robust set of dampers and springs at all four corners, because rally car, natch.

Porsche is handing this concept over to none other than Romain Dumas, recent King of Pikes Peak, to use as a course car for the Rallye Deutschland later this month. That's right kiddos, it already h*ckin' exists. Porsche is, of course, not giving us any information as to whether they will actually build this thing for customers (not that we could afford it) but if they do… oh, boy.

Here's a video of another modern rally Porsche to tide you over until we see more of the Clubsport Rally. You're welcome.