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Kia Australia is recalling all its Sunset Yellow Stingers

The color is relatively rare here, but the paint is failing prematurely on Australian models thanks to bad paint prep at the factory.

Sunset Yellow is not a color you're going to see on many US-market Kia Stingers, but maybe that's a good thing. It turns out that Kia's Australian arm has had to reach out to the 50 or so owners of Sunset Yellow Stingers in that country and offer them a full respray owing to faulty paint prep that can lead to premature cracking and flaking, according to Australian site

If your Australian Stinger is yellow, don't be mellow, call Kia and get that thing repainted.


In addition to a total respray, Kia is offering these customers a lifetime paint guarantee in case something goes wrong again. CarAdvice spoke to a painter who estimated that the value of a manufacturer-quality total respray and a lifetime guarantee on the work would be worth more than AU$10,000 or around $7,415 US dollars. Good on ya, Aussie Kia!

We only got around 400 Sunset Yellow cars in the US as special "enthusiast editions" that also came with mechanical limited-slip differentials. These cars were among the first Stingers offered for sale, according to OppositeLock user Wobbles the Mind. Currently, prospective buyers are unable to spec the color on new cars.

We've reached out to Kia USA for comment on whether or not this recall affected any US-market Stingers but it hasn't responded immediately for comment.