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2018 Dodge Durango gets Mopar goodies at Chicago Auto Show

New performance exhaust, springs and optional styling features debut.

New dual-center exterior stripes are tailored to emphasize the functional yet aggressive exterior designs of the 2018 Dodge Durango R/T and SRT models.

Last year at the Chicago Auto Show, Dodge uncovered the Durango SRT with a Hemi V8 under the hood pumping out 475 horsepower. For this year's Chicago show, Dodge will again be making some Durango-related news with the debut of new Mopar performance parts and optional styling touches.

For people who don't think the Durango R/T or Durango SRT sound mean enough, Mopar is rolling out a performance exhaust system developed with the help of SRT engineers. The stainless steel exhaust system features 4-inch tips and is available now for the R/T with a retail price of $1,595. The SRT system will arrive in dealers during the second quarter of 2018 with a $1,850 price tag.

Now available with a louder exhaust, tighter handling and stripes.

Jon Wong/Roadshow

Mopar will also release a performance suspension spring kit for the Durango SRT in March that drops the ride height by 0.6-inches to reduce squat during acceleration, brake drive and body roll in corners. The springs go on sale in March and cost $325.

If you're a fan of stripes, you're in luck because Dodge is adding dual-center exterior stripes to the options list of the Durango R/T and Durango SRT. The $1,195 stripe package will be available beginning in March and be offered in five colors including bright blue, red, gunmetal, black and silver.

Finally, a new SRT interior appearance group will be offered on the Durango SRT adding a premium-wrapped dashboard, soft-touch headliner and real carbon fiber trim. Orders for the cabin appearance package begin this month and will add $2,495 to the price of the Durango SRT.

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