Colorado moves to adopt California's vehicle emissions standards

Governor John Hickenlooper signed an executive order setting the state down the path to more stringent emissions standards.

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There are currently 12 states (and Washington, D.C.) that have adopted California's ultra-stringent vehicle emissions standards, but the 13th state to do so might just be Colorado if Governor John Hickenlooper has his way, according to Automotive News.

Governor Hickenlooper signed an executive order that officially directs the Colorado Air Quality Control Commission to draft rules to adopt the same standards as California by the end of the year, which gives the coalition of states using California's standards even more clout when dealing with the federal government.

State of the State Address
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State of the State Address

Governor John Hickenlooper is getting real serious about vehicle emissions standards, having signed an executive order moving the state toward adopting California standards.

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There are plenty of people who aren't too happy with Governor Hickenlooper because of this move, though, including the Alliance of Auto Manufacturers who tried to subtweet the governor by saying, "This could impose many burdens on the state's drivers & taxpayers."

This year has been a particularly dramatic one in the world of emissions and fuel economy regulations with EPA boss Scott Pruitt reversing course on the work that his own organization has done over the last several decades. This has gotten the EPA embroiled in a lawsuit with the state of California, among others, and has generally made Pruitt a pretty unpopular dude.

Colorado's move to tighten up vehicle emissions standards comes across as a pretty smart move for a state with a fast-growing population and one that bills itself as a natural paradise with clear skies and streams, etc., and dovetails nicely with an earlier announcement that the state would be heavily investing in its electric vehicle infrastructure.