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2017 Toyota C-HR to finally debut at LA Auto Show

There hasn't been a US show since its world debut in Geneva in March.


Toyota's elusive 2017 C-HR is finally coming to the US. It's set to debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show, which will be the first we've heard of it since its March debut at the Geneva Motor Show.

To celebrate its latest compact crossover's arrival in the US, Toyota issued a teaser picture. It shows the C-HR's angular taillight design, which appears to be a bit less LED-heavy than it was in Geneva. Yes, Toyota technically issued a teaser for a car that's already debuted, but what is life without a little suspense every now and again?

If the C-HR's taillight design changed a bit between Geneva and LA, there's a chance that other parts will face the same fate. I'm thinking the LED headlights from Geneva may be swapped out for cheaper halogen units, at least on cheaper models. Then again, the Toyota Corolla has standard LED headlights in all markets, so anything's possible.

Overseas, the C-HR will sport a tiny little turbocharged engine good for 133 horsepower, with an available hybrid variant. A manual transmission is on offer with the turbo engine, but there's little chance of that pairing making it to the US. As our own Emme Hall surmised in Geneva, the US-bound C-HR will likely sport a 2.0-liter engine with a CVT as the only gearbox. We'll find out in about two weeks' time.

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