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2017 Detroit Auto Show will have a whole exposition dedicated to the future of mobility

Operating alongside the auto show, AutoMobili-D will have space for over 100 groups, including automakers and tech startups.


Tech shows are starting to take the wind out of auto shows' sails. Chevrolet unveiled its electric Bolt at CES, for example, despite the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit taking place the following week. To counter some of that momentum, NAIAS is rolling out a tech expo of its own.

AutoMobili-D will run at the same time as NAIAS (early January) in the same place as NAIAS (Cobo Hall in Detroit). It promises 120,000 square feet of expo space, including traditional stands and a test track. The goal is to give journalists and execs the chance to experience some of this new technology firsthand.

There will be five key areas on which AutoMobili-D will focus -- autonomous driving, connected car technology, e-mobility, mobility services and urban mobility. Automakers won't be the only ones hawking their wares, as both parts suppliers and tech startups will have space on the floor, as well. Local groups, such as the American Center for Mobility, will be involved, too.

AutoMobili-D will start earlier than the show, kicking off on January 8, whereas NAIAS press days don't take place until January 11. Press conferences for AutoMobili-D companies will take place on the same days as traditional NAIAS conferences, which means journalists had better invest in some good running shoes before next year.