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Here's everything you missed from the New York Auto Show

New York was a busy show, with tons of new reveals. In case you missed our coverage, we've put all the important stuff in one convenient location.


Many in the industry thought that New York would be a quiet show, with a little less on offer than the shows that preceded it, like Detroit or Geneva. The reality was quite the opposite -- in fact, it was one hell of a busy show, with everything from supercars to diminutive subcompacts debuting under the harsh lights of the Javits Center.

Some were midcycle refreshes, and others were concepts featuring some pie-in-the-sky design features. No matter what you're interested in, New York's got something that's right up your alley. Which is ironic, because there isn't a single alley in Manhattan. Let's recap the biggest debuts in alphabetical order.

Acura MDX

After Acura debuted the Precision Concept in Detroit, we knew it was only a matter of time before a proper vehicle would debut with some of its design elements. It took a couple months, but it happened with the 2017 Acura MDX.

Not only is its grille reflective of the Precision Concept, but there's also a new sport-hybrid variant. It puts out more power than the standard V-6 MDX, while achieving superior fuel economy. That's a win-win, if you ask us. We're not going to miss the beak-shaped grille of the old model.

Acura NSX GT3

Nobody saw this one coming. Acura pulled out a surprise at this year's New York show, debuting an NSX racecar that will compete in the GT3 category. It had to lose some things before hitting the track -- namely, its complicated hybrid-electric system -- but it gained some wicked aero bits and plenty of carbon fiber.

Audi R8 Spyder V10

This was another lovely surprise. Audi pulled this car out of left field, and while it's not exactly a surprise -- the old R8 had a convertible variant, and it was all but likely that this one would, as well -- we'll never get tired of drop-top supercars. Especially when they're this attractive.

Buick Encore

When Chevrolet updated its compact Trax crossover at the Chicago Auto Show, we'd assumed it was only a matter of time before Buick did the same with its platform-mate, the Encore. The Encore's sporting a much more adult face this time around, but the song remains mostly the same here -- as it should, because it was Buick's best-selling vehicle in 2015. Don't mess with success.

Chevrolet Sonic

GM rolled out an update to another one of its small cars, the Chevrolet Sonic. Gone is the wide-eyed, almost juvenile countenance of old, and in its place is a stern-looking face that looks like it's disapproving of whatever you're doing.

Genesis New York Concept

One of the most visually impressive vehicles in New York was the first new concept from Hyundai's luxury offshoot, Genesis. Featuring a 21-inch, 4K-resolution display spanning the entire dashboard, this gas-electric hybrid concept presages the future of Genesis' design direction. Aside from the wacky gill-type elements on the front fenders, we're stoked to see how this concept translates to reality in the future. The BMW 3 Series might soon be shaking in its boots.

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Honda Global Rallycross Civic

It's a 600-horsepower, race-prepped Honda Civic. 'Nuff said.

Hyundai Ioniq

Sure, the Ioniq debuted at Geneva, but not everybody can just hop on a plane to Switzerland. Thus, Hyundai once again debuted its electric threesome stateside. Packing three different electrified drivetrains, one of which comes with a really strange gimp-mask grille, the Ioniq will be Hyundai's first dedicated EV platform when it goes on sale later this year.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit, Trailhawk

Jeep had a new-car reveal planned for New York, but extenuating circumstances caused that debut to be pushed back. But there were still two very cool announcements regarding the 2017 Grand Cherokee. First is an update to the luxurious Summit trim, specifically its maybe-too-nice-for-a-Jeep interior. Second is the Trailhawk trim, which also appears on the Cherokee and Renegade. That black-and-red motif never gets old, no matter the vehicle to which it's applied.

Kia Cadenza

To borrow a joke from a colleague, Kia decided to remind us all that the Cadenza exists by debuting a new-generation model in The Big Apple. It's now more rigid, its V-6 engine has been updated, and it's sporting a fresh new face that'll likely make its way to other Kia vehicles in the future. If you didn't know about the Cadenza before, this update should have you paying attention, especially if your great aunt is in the market for a car and needs your input.

Lincoln Navigator Concept

I don't even know where to begin with this thing. Lincoln's next-gen Navigator concept is oppressively decadent, with three-row running boards, gull-wing doors and other pie-in-the-sky elements that have little basis in production reality. That said, we're due for a new Navi on the updated F-150's chassis, and its design elements reflect other new Lincoln vehicles, so there's a good chance that you'll see most of this car again very soon.

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Mazda MX-5 RF

Mazda damn near stole the show before it began, rolling out a targa-topped Miata (called the RF, for "retractable fastback") the night prior to the show's opening day. Its electric top adds about 100 pounds of weight, so it's equivalent to having an extra teenager in the car at all times. Even with the extra heft and complication, there's no doubt that the MX-5 RF will be an absolute blast on backroads.

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Mercedes-AMG Lineup

Mercedes practically introduced an entirely new brand in New York. It marked the introduction of the -43 AMG model, in both E-Class and GLC-Class variants. It also unveiled a swoopy-coupe GLC-Class, a refreshed CLA-Class and a new C63 AMG Convertible. Nearly half its booth was under a sheet prior to its press conference. It could have hosted its own auto show.

Mini Clubman All4, John Cooper Works Convertible

Mini quietly rolled out two new models in New York, as well. The Clubman All4 brings all-wheel drive to the brand's most luxurious model, and the John Cooper Works marks the first time that Mini's used a BMW engine in its diminutive drop-top. The former will appeal to cold-weather fancy-pants types, whereas the latter should hit the mark with anyone looking for a bit more performance.

Mitsubishi Mirage G4

Do you like subcompact, efficient vehicles but hate hatchbacks? The Mirage G4 should strike a chord with you, then. It's got everything buyers like about the Mirage -- a low upfront cost, high fuel economy and decent equipment loadout -- but it's wrapped up in a more traditional sedan body. You also get a giant G4 badge on the trunk.


Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Mitsubishi's been promising a plug-in variant of its popular Outlander crossover for some time, and now it's finally arrived in the US. Relying on a 2.0-liter gas engine mated to two electric motors, which be used in either series or parallel configurations, the Outlander PHEV should help Mitsubishi expand its appeal while helping keep its fleet fuel economy numbers as high as possible.


Nissan GT-R

The current-generation GT-R has been around for quite some time, so it's good to see Nissan throwing several significant updates in its direction. Featuring an all-new interior with a vastly improved appearance, significant aerodynamic tweaks and (naturally) more power, the 2017 GT-R keeps Nissan's halo car nice and fresh. It's also sporting one hell of a paint job.

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Subaru Impreza

Even Subaru is quick to note that its production models rarely live up to the spectacle of its concepts, and the 2017 Impreza is no exception. That said, it's definitely an improvement over the past, and its new global platform will go on to underpin every Subie in the lineup (save for the BRZ, which it shares with Toyota), so we can forgive the automaker for not going balls-to-the-wall with its exterior styling. Its sales are still through the roof, so playing it safe is a calculated move to keep folks walkin' into dealerships.

Toyota 86

When Scion's impending death came to light, some worried about the fate of the brand's FR-S, a twee little sports coupe that offers driving dynamics not often seen at this price point. Thankfully, Toyota's picked up the torch, and the result is the 2017 Toyota 86. Power is up a couple of ponies, and the exterior's received a few touch-ups, but everything that made the FR-S great is present and accounted for.

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Toyota Corolla

This is another out-of-left-field update in New York. Toyota near-silently debuted a refreshed 2017 Corolla, which features a face similar to the Prius. It's also rolling out a special edition to celebrate the Corolla's 50th birthday. It doesn't look a hair over 35, if you ask us.

Toyota Prius Prime

The last plug-in hybrid Prius didn't look too different from the rest of the lineup, but that's not the case with the Prius Prime. Its look is somewhere between Prius and the hydrogen-powered Mirai, with a sharper front end and a more sedan-like tuchus. Inside, buyers can opt for a Tesla-like, tablet-size infotainment screen. It's Toyota's most advanced hybrid ever, and one of its most futuristic-looking, as well.

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Volkswagen Golf Alltrack

Have you been pining for Volkswagen to create a Subaru Outback competitor? Well, then, you're going to love the Golf Alltrack. By lifting up its Golf Sportwagen and adding all-wheel drive and some more rugged trim pieces, the Alltrack is ready to do battle against Subaru's Pride of Portlandia. It looks the business.