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2015 Mercedes S-Class Plug-in Hybrid (CNET On Cars, Episode 71)

Brian Cooley tries to discover where a plug-in S-Class fits, the new F-150 inspires change in pickup crash tests and we demystify an oxymoron: dry sump lubrication.

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In this episode:

  • 2015 Mercedes-Benz S550e Plug-in Hybrid: Who was asking for this car?
  • Smarter Driver: Biggest innovation in the new F-150 is crash controversy.
  • Car Tech 101: Dry Sump Lubrication, the greatest oxymoron of performance engines.
  • Email
    • How to convert units in auto tests
    • The two kinds of gallons
    • Why Euro cars get such high mileage.
  • Top 5: Car technologies you really want.

Cooley was wondering who the plug-in hybrid S-Class was for and after days with it still isn't sure. Its the companies first plug-in, but doesn't do a whole lot that is terribly unique, aside from bombarding you with a lot of confusing drive modes you won't touch after the novelty of a new car wears off. But it does have S Class luxury in spades, and that's enough to make it an important car.

Ford's new F-150's biggest innovation may be change in the way pickup trucks are crash tested. We do into the controversy and explain how its changing pickup truck design as we speak.

Our inbox has been overflowing this year so we're going to triple the amount of email we handle in each show. This episode answers a trio of questions about the units and measurements of a car's power and efficiency, which vary widely around the world.

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