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2015 Land Rover Range Rover Sport SVR (CNET On Cars, Episode 72)

Range Rover Sport SVR goes down a new road. Should you buy an EV, a hybrid or neither? And new tech to remember kids left in cars.

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In this episode:

  • 2015 Land Rover Range Rover Sport SVR. Track performance SUV with a British accent.
  • Smarter Driver: How do you envision your first automated car? We have answers.
  • Road to the Future: Evenflo SensorSafe aims to keep kids from being forgotten in cars.
  • Email
    • Hybrid or EV: How to decide which is right for you.
    • Why so many cars' faces look so much alike.

The Range Rover Sport SVR announces Land Rover's entry into the boutique performance world occupied by AMG and BMW M. I found this first car with the SVR badge to be a distinct take on the sector, thanks largely to its civilized ride and genuine off-road ability though, to be frank, I never tested it off the pavement as I find such a notion silly on a car wearing a street sport tire and wheel package.

Back in 2012 the feds did a test of child seats that were meant to keep you from forgetting your kid in the car. What they found was basically a lot of junk. So when Evenflo told me it has a seat that works in a somewhat different way, I bit and got one in to show you. Decide if you think it makes enough of a difference, or is this really a parental behavior thing?

Got an interesting email from one of our viewers in Hong Kong needing help deciding between a hybrid and an EV. He was concerned about reliability for 10 years of ownership - I'm more concerned by why anyone would want to own a 10 year old hybrid in 2025, with its antiquated technology. So I lay our a better plan for making the decision that I think will apply to most people trying to tease apart these two vehicular greenies.

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