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2012 Honda CR-V: An exercise in moderation

Although an eminently practical vehicle, Honda seems loath to push many boundaries for the CR-V's 2012 update.

2012 Honda CR-V
Wayne Cunningham/CNET

Honda's new CR-V model keeps many of the values intact that have made it such a popular small SUV, but also does not take advantage of new opportunities to make it an even better car. The engine and transmission are a complete hold-over from the previous generation. Honda is developing more efficient engines with its Earth Dreams initiative, but that won't affect the CR-V until the next update.

The cabin sees a mish-mash of updates. Positive moves by Honda are a new Bluetooth phone system that can receive text messages, Pandora integration with the stereo, and a new colorful LCD sitting at the top of the dashboard. But the available navigation system looks like an aftermarket add-on from 2005, and does not match the rest of the car's technology.

Borrowed from the Honda Fit is a fold-flat rear-seat system that works at the pull of a lever. It more than doubles the cargo area.

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