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2011 Frankfurt auto show: Day 1 wrap-up

The International Motor Show in Frankfurt had its first press day, which saw new concepts and production cars from makes such as Maserati to Audi.

Mini's new Coupe only seats two, but promises a bundle of fun. Josh Miller/CNET

The Car Tech team has been at the 2011 International Motor Show in Frankfurt, and in our first day of coverage we've seen a mini electric car from Audi, a stylish SUV from Maserati, and a futuristic concept from Ford. Here's a rundown of the big stories of the day:

Audi Urban Concept Spyder
Audi's little electric car explores extreme ideas in future urban transportation.

Audi Urban Concept
Audi's Urban Concept shows what happens when you think small. Josh Miller/CNET

Mini Cooper Coupe
Mini adds to its repertoire of fun, small cars with the smallest yet. This Coupe only has two seats.

BMW i8 plug-in hybrid concept
BMW kicks off its new i brand with a hybrid performance two-door four-seater.

2013 Lexus GS 450h
Lexus delivers a significant update to its GS sedan, a year early.

Maserati Kubang
Maserati goes jumbo with its concept SUV. Josh Miller/CNET

Subaru XV
This new crossover from Subaru debuts with a Boxer turbodiesel engine.

Maserati Kubang concept
Maserati takes a stab at building an SUV, a big counterpoint to its sleek sedan, coupe, and roadster.

Ford Evos concept
Ford's cool little concept showcases the company's tech aspirations.

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