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2011 Ford Edge spy photos

CNET Car Tech gets photos of the 2011 Ford Edge driving around San Francisco

2011 Ford Edge
A 2011 Ford Edge, body details hidden, pauses on a San Francisco street. CNET

We don't get to see many camo'd cars testing around San Francisco, so what was this 2011 Ford Edge doing in the city by the bay? It's a long way from Michigan. Our first thought was that it might be a hybrid or fuel cell variant, as we noted a large red panic button on the center of the dashboard. But no, as it sat idling for a minute while the occupants seemed to be taking notes, we heard definite engine noise.

In fact, the engine had a particular whooshing sound, possibly indicating the new Ecoboost twin turbo that Ford is rolling out in the Taurus SHO and Lincoln MKS. The big exhaust tips would seem to indicate as much.

Most likely Ford was gathering data based on San Francisco's ridiculous hills and heavy traffic. Either that, or the testers had a hankering for a really good burrito.

2011 Ford Edge
The twin exhaust pipes are bigger than on the current model, potentially pointing to a new powertrain. CNET