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2010 VW New Beetle Final Edition video

Volkswagen's newest Beetle was unveiled not too long ago at the LA Auto Show, and this Web clip from Kelley Blue Book gives us the lowdown on the most recent version of a cult classic.


I've been showing lots of love to the many fabulous new sports cars I scoped at the recently held 2009 International Auto Show, but it's not as if those were the only types of cars on display at San Francisco's Moscone Center. So I thought it was time "now for something completely different" like Monty Python's Flying Circus. But this car isn't British (although I'm a sucker for a Jaguar of any vintage). Instead I thought we'd share a pint with the 2010 VW New Beetle that made its presence felt at the International Auto Show as only a Beetle can.

Supposedly the newest "New" Beetle, being designed in California, is to be more modern on the outside as well as under the hood. While in my opinion the body style of the "New" Beetle has never been all that similar to its historic '70s predecessor, the newest Beetle does seem to be looking more current millennium than ever. Supposedly there are going to be a series of spinoffs bearing the Beetle name, including a convertible and even a minivan. Apparently VW has some nontraditionalist intentions with this supposed throwback to a cult classic. Only time will tell if this ends up working to VW's advantage, or if the buying public who had been drawn to the obvious personality of a Beetle will thumb their noses at such a blatant attempt at streamlining one of the most famous makes in automotive history.