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2010 Hyundai Santa Fe: low excitement, high value

The 2010 Hyundai Santa Fe GLS is pretty practical as SUVs go and offers a good value for its price tag. However, drivers who think a big SUV should have big power will want to look upmarket at the V-6 models.

2010 Hyundai Santa Fe GLS
The Santa Fe proved to be a good value, but it's about due for a visual refreshing. Josh P. Miller/CNET

Compared with the aggressive looks of the Hyundai Sonata and Tucson, the Santa Fe appears a bit dull and anonymous. It's not an unattractive vehicle by any means, but it also doesn't challenge our sensibilities or push the design envelope. In a parking lot full of Volkswagen Touaregs and Toyota Highlanders, it's content to merely blend in.

On the inside, the Santa Fe's interior appears equally dull at first, but thanks to a good assortment of standard cabin technologies behind its blue, backlit, monochrome displays and a pretty good level of fit and finish, we can't really complain.

But don't let the ho-hum nature of the Santa Fe put you off, because what it lacks in visual excitement and presence, it makes up for in value. Then again, it's definitely sexier than a minivan.

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