2010 gas-guzzlers: Land Rover Range Rover Sport

Yet another Land Rover vehicle makes the hit parade as another top gas-guzzler for the 2010 automotive year. In this video we take this SUV for a rock climbing expedition.

Auto Tech

This week, we've been taking a look at some of 2010's biggest gas-guzzlers. Not surprisingly, this list has been chock full of utility vehicles, and today's blog chalks up yet another entry for Land Rover. Yesterday, we got a look-see at the 2010 LR4, and our newest inductee into the Low Mileage Hall of Fame is the Land Rover Range Rover Sport (which also wins another award for the most redundant vehicle name ever). The LRRRS boasts average gas mileage of 12 mpg in the city and 17 mpg on the highway--not god awful, but certainly nothing to cheer about.

I was unable to find much compelling Web video to watch on the 2010 model; however, I did stumble onto this little video of a Land Rover being taken off-road and onto a dusty, rocky plain. Apparently, this video is more or less a commercial for Off Roving and Rover Specialties who specialize in making and installing "rock sliders" for protecting the underbody of SUVs. It appears to be doing a good job, as the rocks and terrain in this video look fairly treacherous to a vehicle's underside--I know I'd be worried without 'em. Anyway, this video also provides a semitutorial on the sliders and their attributes along the way. Heaven forbid you learn something while watching inconsequential Web video, right?

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