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2010 Ferrari California: The Practical Ferrari?

Is the 2010 Ferrari California an easy-to-drive cruiser or a sports supercar? Fifth Gear sizes this new Prancing Horse for our knowledge and pleasure.

I know I've been giving a lot of lip service to Ferrari lately on this blog, but it's hard to argue that it's not been informative and fun. I promise to move on to other subjects this week, but I have one more Prancing Horse I'd like to take a closer look at.

Some critics and consumers have suggested that the introduction of the new Ferrari sports supercar, the 458 Italia, came about partly because certain Ferrari snobs were put off by the 2009 Ferrari California's more streamlined and practical features and design. It does seem that perhaps Ferrari engineers have heard the whispers as the newest edition of the Ferrari California does come off a little sportier than its predecessor did, and it doesn't seem all that out of place in the Ferrari family photo album. For a closer look of the car, we have a video here courtesy of Fifth Gear as they take the 2010 Ferrari California for a cruise.

In this video, Fifth Gear makes a case for the 2010 Ferrari California being both the sports supercar that Enzo Ferrari is known for and likewise Fifth Gear sheds some list as to why the California is an enjoyable every day cruiser. I know this isn't a cinematography blog but much of the mise en scene in this video is quite remarkable. But, obviously, the main attraction here is the car, and it's definitely a beauty. The 2010 California seems to handle easily, but yet it seems to retain its sports car appeal all the same. It's pricey, but hey it's a Ferrari, right? So if you're like most folks viewing this thing who can't even think about driving one of these, sit back and vicariously enjoy the fun of driving this new Prancing Horse.