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2009 Ford Flex (review)

CNET Car Tech reviews the 2009 Ford Flex.

With the body of a 1950s station wagon, what's the Ford Flex doing on a car technology site? The answer is inside, as this retro-wagon features the best infotainment system currently available. Mention an album name, and the stereo will start playing it. Say a street name, and the car will show you how to get there, on a route that avoids any bad traffic. Get low on fuel, and the car can tell you where to find the cheapest gas. It even gives you a weather forecast, movie times, and sports scores.

As for the drive quality, well, it's a big seven seat car, so what do you expect? Fairly bland charactertistics make for a decent vacation cruiser--the car will do nothing to surprise or enervate you on the lone highways.

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