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1996 Mercedes-Benz SL500 sits for 21 years after keys go missing

Mint-condition roadster heads to auction with just 81 miles on the odometer.

Losing your car keys is a panic-inducing situation for most people. However, for the owner of a 1996 Mercedes-Benz SL500 in England, it didn't seem to be that big of deal.

Purchased as a birthday present, the SL500 was evidently driven 75 miles before the keys were misplaced. Instead of frantically searching for them everywhere, the owner let the Mercedes sit in her London garage for the next 21 years unbothered until now.

The factory-fresh Benz now has 81 miles on the ticker and will cross the auction block this week, where estimates have it fetching as much as $68,000. In addition to the super-low-mile SL500, a letter from the original owner verifying the car's mileage and story is included in the auction.

Whoever the lucky winner is, we hope they keep a more vigilant eye on the keys.