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110-year-old electric car sells for more than a Tesla

Electric cars aren't new. A very old and rare Woods Queen Victoria Brougham just sold for a pretty penny at auction.

This 1905 marvel is a fascinating piece of history. Bonhams

You have about $100,000. You want to buy an electric car. You could purchase a Tesla Model S with smart air suspension, high-def backup camera, hands-free phone system and luxurious leather seats. Or you could buy a 1905 Woods electric Queen Victoria Brougham with none of those features except the leather seats.

Somebody made that decision over the weekend and went with the Woods, spending nearly $95,000 (about £62,500, AU$135,500) to purchase the car at a Bonhams auction on September 26.

The vehicle is an extreme rarity. "It is believed to be the only 1905 Woods Electric Style 214A Queen Victoria Brougham in existence," Bonhams noted.

The Woods Motor Vehicle Company dates back to 1899 in Chicago. Its electric cars sold for as much as $3,000 (about £1,975, AU$4,400), which made them expensive for the era.

The stumpy-looking car features a battery-powered electric motor, a leaf suspension and rear drum brakes. It has been retrofitted with a fast-charging system and lightweight batteries so you can show it off at car shows without waiting an eternity for it to juice up.

There are some nifty features on display in the two-seater besides the electric motor. The cab comes off to make the car act like an early roadster. The wind won't exactly whip in your face since the top speed is about 30 mph.

While the Woods may not be as comfortable, fast and fancy as a Tesla, it gives us a lot of insight into the history of electric cars. We've come a long way, but pioneering automotive engineers like the Woods Company helped pave the road for today's high-tech transportation.

(Via Gizmag)