11 technologies that increase fuel economy

Short of going full hybrid, automakers are employing a number of technologies to improve fuel economy. These range from turbocharging an engine, to improving the transmission, to electrifying specific components. CNET looks at 11 of these technologies.

Turbochargers have previously been associated with tire-smoking performance, but automakers are using them to improve fuel economy. Honeywell

Short of employing a full hybrid system, automakers are finding many ways to improve fuel economy in current, gas-engine cars. Engineers are looking at every part of the drive cycle to determine where savings can be made.

Some of the technologies being employed are old, such as turbochargers and continuously variable transmissions, but they are being refined to take advantage of new materials and computing power.

There have also been some newer innovations that cut fuel use, such as the use of idle stop and dual-clutch transmissions.

A number of factors are helping push these developments. Consumers are trying to cope with increasing gas prices, and governments are pushing for reduced carbon dioxide emissions, which relate directly to fuel economy.

Check out these 11 technologies that reduce fuel consumption.

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