Tesla Model Y

Editors' First Take

You can learn a lot about a car after a day behind the wheel, and a week is plenty to do a comprehensive review. But if you really want to put a machine to the test, to challenge its reliability and livability as much as its drivability, you need more time.

With that, I'm happy to introduce you to the latest member of Roadshow's long-term test fleet, a 2021 Tesla Model Y. This EV is currently the fastest-selling EV in the US -- and also among the most controversial, thanks to its overpromising and underdelivering "Full Self Driving" package. We couldn't just sit by and watch that story develop any longer, so we put our money where our mouth is and entered into a 24-month lease of the blue Model Y you see here.

Yes, we're paying for this one. We didn't get any discounts or special treatment. In fact, whatever shadow remains of Tesla's PR department is only learning of this lease at this very moment. (Hi there!) 

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