Porsche 911 Carrera

Editors' First Take

The Porsche 911 is a legendary sports car. Since its inception in 1964 it's stayed true to form both in terms of design and performance, with a unique and recognizable look, a rear-mounted flat-six engine, an available manual transmission and a more analog driving experience than what you get in other high-end sports cars. So many enthusiasts say you can't be a "real" car person until you've driven a 911. And until now, I never had.

Rather than go back and drive a vintage model first, or a more modern but still venerated 996 or 997, I wanted my first 911 to be the current 992 generation. Compared to the previous 991 (and every 911 before it), the 992 is larger, softer and more luxurious. It leans more towards the grand touring side of the sports car spectrum, and because of that, many purists say the 992 is worse off.

But because I've never driven one, the only preconceived notions I have of what a 911 "should" be are based on reviews I've read, episodes of Top Gear and conversations I've had with friends and colleagues. So I'm starting my week with a 992 with an open mind and a lot of excitement.

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