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Think about everything that's happened in the last decade -- in the automotive world, anyway. High-volume cars such as the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry have undergone two full redesigns. The Chrysler 200, Dodge Dart and Kia Borrego have all come and gone. Entire brands like Saab and Saturn have ceased to exist. And then there's the 2019 Nissan 370Z that's somehow managed to hum along mostly unchanged since launching way back in 2008.

Frozen in time

Sliding into the driver's seat of the Nissan 370Z today is like entering a time warp. The spartan cabin is void of a large center screen to control common infotainment features -- you won't find navigation, Wi-Fi, Apple CarPlay or Android Auto in here. Instead, there's a storage compartment at the top of the center stack where you can stash things like sunglasses, and below that, a 2-DIN radio.

Is the radio chock-full of functions? Nope, it's simply a terrestrial radio receiver with a CD player that pumps tunes through a six-speaker audio system. A USB port in the center armrest and Bluetooth phone connectivity are the closest things to advanced features, with the latter requiring you to go through some seriously unintuitive pairing steps. The advanced safety technology menu is also practically nonexistent -- you won't have beeps or chimes aiding you while out on the road, but there is a backup camera that's integrated into the rearview mirror.

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Model Year

The Good Tight handling dynamics, a slick-shifting manual transmission and styling that still looks sharp after being in showrooms for a decade.

The Bad Lacks advanced technology features and sluggish throttle response.

The Bottom Line The Nissan Z car is still a treat to drive, but a redesign is needed soon.

Editors' Rating
  • Performance 7
  • Features 3.5
  • Design 7
  • Media 3.5

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