McLaren 675LT

At the Heart of the 675 LT is a 3.8L V8 engine fed by twin-turbochargers sending power to the rear-wheels via a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox. Power is rated at 666 horsepower, enough to get the 675 LT to 60 mph in around 3 seconds flat. Part of this speed can be attributed to the McLaren's lack of weight. While the 650S on which the 675 is based on is certainly not heavy, the 675 LT still manages to be 100kg lighter, with total vehicle weight coming in below 3000lbs, an astonishing figure for a modern automobile filled with all the latest go fast gear.

While the 650S is a great car to look at, the 675 LT is simply stunning. McLaren have thoroughly revised the aerodynamics of the car, with the 675 LT indeed having a slightly longer rear end and a larger spoiler. Aerodynamic aids are arranged all throughout the exterior design with the net benefit being a 40 percent increase in downforce over the 650S. In addition, cooling is increased, aiding longevity and providing an extra safety net for serious track work.

The interior of the 675 LT is swathed almost entirely in Alcantara, providing grippy but soft touchpoints. Carbon fiber is everywhere on the interior as well, with the big item being the sculpted carbon fiber racing seats that save copious amounts of weight over a more traditional seat.

McLaren allows owners to customize their 675 LT in a myriad of ways. Two wheel styles are available, each with available in one of several different colors, while tires run from ultra-high performance all the way to "only technically road-legal." Air conditioning can be deleted for those who intend to use their cars only at the track, while those who intend to spend more time on the road can opt for the 10 speaker stereo upgrade with SIRIUS XM satellite radio.

In fact, the 675 LT can be kitted out to work pretty well as a road car. Poor visibility due to the mid-engine design can be mitigated through a camera and parking sensors, while a vehicle lift upgrade allows the car's computer controlled suspension to raise the nose in order to get over speed bumps or up steep inclines.

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By all accounts, the McLaren 650S is a stunningly capable road car. Fast and powerful when you want, yet comfortable and livable when you need. Like the great McLaren F1 that came before, the 650S fits into your life in a way that few supercars can.

But it isn't the most track-focused supercar out there. Though not lacking in swiftness, it carries a few slight compromises for streetability. The 675LT is what happens when you erase all that and refocus the car exclusively on closed-circuit performance. It's a $350,000, 666-horsepower, hard-edged, weight-reduced, power-boosted, aerodynamically enhanced limited edition that will hurtle you around corners like a rock on a string before throwing you down the straights at terrible speed.

What's it like living with such a machine? I spent a few days with one to find out.

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The Good Purposeful looks wrap around a focused cockpit and an amazing engine. Performance on the road or track does not disappoint.

The Bad Some comfort compromises have been made in the name of performance.

The Bottom Line If you're looking for something everyday, the 650S is a better bet. If you need something focused, this is your ride.

Editors' Rating
  • Performance 9.5
  • Features 7.5
  • Design 9.5
  • Media 7

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