McLaren 570S

McLaren offers the 570S in two body types: Coupe and Spider convertible. At the heart of the 570S is the same twin-turbocharged 3.8L V8 that powers most of their cars. Its mounted mid-ship and makes 562 horsepower. Power is sent to the rear wheels via a twin-clutch 7-speed automatic. McLaren claims 0-60 mph in 3.1 seconds, although in independent tests, the 570S has been clocked 60 mph in under 3 seconds, an amazing feat for a car that is rear-wheel drive. Top speed is claimed to be 204 mph.

Much of the 570S' over-the-top performance can be attributed to the McLaren's light weight. While the 570S' rivals all feature all-wheel drive, McLaren makes-due with power being sent only to the rear wheels. This makes for better driver feedback, more entertaining handling characteristics and a much lighter chassis. While the 911 Turbo S and the Audi R8 both weigh over 3500 lbs, the McLaren 570S weighs under 3300 lbs. Lightness benefits everything in a sports car, acceleration is quicker, handling is sharper and even fuel economy is improved.

One trim level does not mean a paucity of options. Like many other expensive cars, the McLaren 570S can be dressed up and customized with a dizzying array of add on parts, carbon fiber trims and spectacular looking wheels. Colors run the gamut from tasteful and restrained to bright and eye catching, as such the "Mantis Green" paint option.

While the standard stereo system features four speakers, an optional Bower and Wilkins stereo features 12-speakers and 1280 watts. A final option all potential buyers should be aware of is the "nose lift" feature. McLaren may call it a sports car, but anyone looking at the 570s will think it's a supercar, thanks to its exotic styling and low stance. The nose lift option gives drivers the ability to raise the front of the car by 40mm with the push of a button, which helps to clear speed bumps, driveways, or just general crummy roads. The nose then returns to its natural position when travelling above 37 mph.

McLaren 570S comes standard with 19-inch front and 20-inch rear alloy wheels, LED automatic headlights, power folding mirrors, front and rear parking sensors, keyless entry with push button start, ceramic brakes and the elusive dihedral butterfly doors.

The McLaren 570S interior includes leather seating, dual-zone automatic climate control, leather sport steering wheel, 7-inch touchscreen audio system with satellite radio and voice-activated navigation, Bluetooth integration, three USB ports and mobile hotspot.

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McLaren's Sports Series, which contains its most "affordable" supercars, grows by one today with the introduction of the 2018 McLaren 570S Spider.

The schtick is pretty straightforward: Take a 570S coupe, and remove the top. Well, OK, it's not removed per se -- it's replaced with a retractable hardtop that takes 15 seconds to open or close, at speeds up to 25 miles per hour. The top and its associated mechanisms add about 101 pounds to the 570S' curb weight.

To prevent the wind from removing one's hat, there's an additional wind deflector that can be raised to help mitigate buffeting, or lowered while the top is up to bring a little more noise into the cabin. There's also an optional "sports system" that channels exhaust sound toward the cabin beneath the tonneau cover for even more noise.

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