McLaren 570GT

At the heart of the 570S is the same twin-turbocharged 3.8L V8 that powers most of their cars. Its mounted mid-ship and makes 562 horsepower. Power is sent to the rear wheels via a twin-clutch 7-speed automatic. McLaren claims 0-62 mph in 3.2 seconds, although in independent tests, the 570S has been clocked 60 mph in under 3 seconds, an amazing feat for a car that is rear-wheel drive. Top speed is claimed to be 204 mph.

Much of the 570S' over-the-top performance can be attributed to the McLaren's light weight. While the 570S' rivals all feature all-wheel drive, McLaren makes-due with power being sent only to the rear wheels. This makes for better driver feedback, more entertaining handling characteristics and a much lighter chassis. While the 911 Turbo S and the Audi R8 both weigh over 3500 lbs, the McLaren 570S weighs under 3200 lbs. Lightness benefits everything in a sports car, acceleration is quicker, handling is sharper and even fuel economy is improved.

Right now, the 570S is available in one trim level. However, with the launch of the slightly revamped version of the car dubbed the 570GT McLaren includes a glass hatchback in place of the exotic flying buttresses that grace the rear of the 570S, it also adds a small dose of practicality to this monstrous sports car.

One trim level does not mean a paucity of options. Like many other expensive cars, the McLaren 570S can be dressed up and customized with a dizzying array of add on parts, carbon fiber trims and spectacular looking wheels. Colors run the gamut from tasteful and restrained to bright and eye catching, as such the "Mantis Green" paint option. While the standard stereo system features eight speakers, an optional Bower and Wilkins stereo features 12-speakers and 1280 watts. A final option all potential buyers should be aware of is the "nose lift" feature. McLaren may call it a sports car, but anyone looking at the 570s will think it's a supercar, thanks to its exotic styling and low stance. The nose lift option gives drivers the ability to raise the front of the car by 40mm with the push of a button, which helps to clear speed bumps, driveways, or just general crummy roads. The nose then returns to its natural position when travelling above 37 mph.

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McLaren Automotive does a remarkable job of baking suspension comfort into its supercars. For all their otherworldly performance specs, the cars don't beat you up too much on pockmarked roads. The McLaren 570GT exemplifies that virtue, as in addition to a new body with more luggage space behind the seats, it has a gentler chassis tune intended for the type of grand touring-type drives for which it was named.

Suppose, though, you like the idea of the car's additional storage room but don't want to make any sacrifices in performance? That's where the new Sport package comes in: it reverses the softening, sending the 570GT back to the gym and equipping it with the same tires, steering and suspension setup as the standard 570S coupe. A bit more storage but no loss in speed? Now that's a car I can get excited about.

Stunning shape, stunning engine

The 570GT makes a big impression before I even open the door. Its Volcano Orange paint glows in the sunlight, while the low and wide nose gives the McLaren classic mid-engined car proportions. The doors are a theatrical show in themselves, swing and rotating upward. Behind the cabin, a sideways-opening glass hatch permits access to the cargo hold that distinguishes the GT from other 570 models. It'll hold just 7.8 cubic feet of stuff but is a nice addition to the 5.3 cubes that fit in the "frunk." The most dramatic angle is from behind, where the McLaren's bodywork flows in gentle curves. Skinny, curving LED taillights complement the massive functional diffuser to inject a real sense of occasion.

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The Good Heroic engine, driver feedback galore, bedroom-poster styling and surprising practicality.

The Bad Uninspired engine note, finicky interior controls and a cumbersome infotainment system.

The Bottom Line The supercar that will blow your mind on tracks and winding roads without punishing you the rest of the time.

Editors' Rating
  • Performance 9
  • Features 6.5
  • Design 9
  • Media 6

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