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I've spent six months with our long-term Kia Niro EV, and while I think it's a superb all-electric vehicle, a lot of my driving has been around towns and motorways -- where charging points are plentiful. So I was keen to find out how it fares on a longer distance journey into more wild parts of Scotland. 

That's why I took it on a 400-mile round trip into the Scottish Highlands on a hiking, photography and sea kayaking adventure. Spoiler alert: I got back in one piece and didn't run out of range in the middle of nowhere. But it wasn't easy, and I've learned yet more about what it's like to own and enjoy an EV in the UK. Here's what happened. 

My journey began at my home in Edinburgh. I knew my first leg -- a 120-mile stint to beautiful Glencoe -- would be well within the car's maximum 239-mile range (based on the US EPA cycle), but I made sure to leave with a full battery to ensure I had plenty of breathing room. 

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