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The CR-V is a cornerstone of Honda's American lineup. Since it debuted here in 1997, the automaker's sold more than 5 million copies. Last year alone, the CR-V accounted for nearly 60% of the brand's SUV sales. Clearly, customers appreciate this vehicle's combination of reliability and affordability, efficiency and spaciousness. 

Building on that inherent goodness, the 2020 Honda CR-V Hybrid is more economical, powerful and refined than the conventional model. In short, it's an even better CR-V. 

A cornerstone of Honda's electrified future

Despite offering various hybrid models for years, Honda has never had a gasoline-electric SUV in its American lineup, but the CR-V Hybrid finally changes that. This crossover's introduction is part of a larger push to reduce emissions and improve efficiency. The automaker is aiming to electrify two-thirds of its global vehicle lineup by the year 2030.

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