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The last time I scored an exclusive ride in a Ford Mustang Mach-E, the conditions were a lot less pleasant. That drive took place in the dead of winter, in a frozen nowhere in the middle of other frozen nowheres. This was well before the electric SUV had been made available for media evaluation, way back when the world was only beginning to debate just how "Mustang" an electric SUV could really be. Fortunately, this time, I wouldn't have to venture as far and I'd get to experience even more of the Mach-E's performance envelope.

Now that Ford's iconoclastic crossover is finding early success in dealers and driveways, it's already time for the automaker to up the performance ante. Slated to arrive in early fall, this 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E GT builds on the unlikely EV we've come to know and love, burnishing its dynamic credentials with a larger front motor, available MagneRide suspension and uprated brakes. 

The new GT comes standard with all-wheel drive, which is necessary to help put down the drivetrain's stout 480 horsepower and 600 pound-feet of torque. That's a boatload more oomph than what you can get in the most-powerful standard Mach-E (346 hp and 428 lb-ft from the extended-range battery model with AWD). And that's just the base GT -- this Performance Edition's spec sheet displays even gaudier numbers: 480 hp and 634 lb-ft. So equipped, Ford says this Flamin' Hot Cheeto can hit 60 mph in a scant 3.5 seconds -- 0.3 seconds quicker than a base Mach-E GT and nearly as rapid as the fire-breathing 760-hp Mustang Shelby GT500 coupe. More to the point, the PE's acceleration time neatly matches the gauntlet thrown down by the Tesla Model Y Performance, the GT's most obvious rival. 

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