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Chevrolet's new Blazer is a throwback in name alone. Sure, it revives the Blazer nameplate, which disappeared from Chevy's lineup in 2005, but that's pretty much where the homage ends.

For starters, the Blazer's appearance draws more from Chevrolet's cars than its trucks, inheriting most of its design DNA from the Camaro sports coupe. The Blazer is angular and aggressive, from the sharp headlamps and jagged grill to the geometric profile and muscular flanks. The look gets a little softer around the SUV's upright rear end, while still looking taut and decidedly sporty. Personally, I think it's one of the best-looking SUVs in the midsize crossover class -- but I know that's not an opinion held by the rest of the Roadshow crew.

The design inside feels economical but thoughtful. The cabin's design is simple and mostly well made. There are a lot of small goodies throughout the cabin that are fun to discover. From my RS model's red accents and stitching to the illuminated USB ports to the way the central vents double as dials for the climate controls (another Camaro-like trick), I kept catching myself smiling at cool little details.

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