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Hopefully by now you're over the whole "sports car company making SUVs" thing because, let's be honest, that angsty ship left port long ago. They're here and they're not going away. However, I confess it's still a rare day that I get properly excited about driving a lifted rig with sporty pretentions. SUVs are, by definition, utilitarian, and utilitarian machines aren't necessarily the most charming. 

But the day the Aston Martin DBX first appeared in my driveway was one of those rare days. I was quite eager to get a go in this sleek SUV, especially in its Buckinghamshire Green over the perfectly matched tan interior. It looked damn good sitting there -- fussy rear-end aside.

Of course, it has to look good. Of all the assets Aston Martin machines have had over the years, aesthetics have always been at the forefront. Some models have been comelier than others, sure, but the look and feel and sound of an Aston Martin are perhaps even more important than the speed and the handling.

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