Mobileye AWS-4000 review:

Mobileye AWS-4000

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The Good Mobileye's AWS-4000 warns distracted drivers of potential collisions, such as when another car cuts in front. It also displays the amount of time it would take to hit the car ahead.

The Bad Potentially pricey, the AWS-4000 needs a professional installation. The audio warnings are too loud for collision warning, but not loud enough for lane departure.

The Bottom Line An interesting and effective technology demonstration for a collision warning system, the AWS-4000 might make sense for large trucks in fleet operation.

Some high-tech cars include lane departure warning systems as options, and precollision systems have become almost common, but the Mobileye AWS-4000 makes it possible to retrofit a car with this technology. Mobileye's lineup of collision warning cameras covers a range for consumer to fleet applications, with the AWS-4000 designed for large trucks. The AWS-4000 is an installed unit that uses a camera mounted in front of the vehicle to intelligently process information about lane lines and objects, sending the data to a display on the dashboard to warn the driver of potential hazards.

Although well-styled, the AWS-4000 display pod and its associated speakers are bulky, although could be mounted out of site in a track cab. The display pod is mounted on a stalk, which lets it swivel, so it can be aimed at the driver. Given its size, it should be mounted either in the center or very left-hand side of the dashboard, so not to interfere with the driver's forward view, but still have its information accessible at a glance.

The display pod is oval, and its icons are hidden by dark translucent plastic when not lit up. Buttons follow the curve on the lower edge of the display pod, letting you control volume, power, and do some configuration of the system.

The actual icons the system uses are very easy to understand, with a blocky car on the display indicating when you are close to a car in the lane ahead. Lane line graphics are also very obvious in what they mean.

The system's speakers are unnecessarily large, as they merely blast warning tones into the cabin. Each one is about half the size of the display pod and intended to be mounted on either side of the cabin. They could potentially be mounted in the footwells, keeping them out of sight, but they will be particularly noticeable if mounted on the dash or A pillars.

The AWS-4000 does two things: warns you of impending collisions and if you are drifting out of your lane. The first, called Headway Monitoring by the manufacturer, lights up the car icon in the display if you are within a certain distance to the car in the lane ahead. The display shows a number of seconds equal to the amount of time it would take to hit the car ahead if it stopped. As you get closer, the car icon changes from green, to amber, then to red, at which point a warning tone will sound from the speakers.

The AWS-4000 shows a green car when you are between 1 and 2.5 seconds of the car ahead.

For lane departure warning, the system will light up a lane line on the display if you are drifting over the lane line in the road. The lane line icon will light up on the side of the display corresponding to the line you are drifting over. Activating the turn signal for the lane line you are crossing defeats the warning. Along with the lane line icon, the speakers emit a rumble strip sound, which serves as an audible warning.

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