Zvox Z-Base 525 review: Zvox Z-Base 525

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The Good Excellent pedestal design makes it disappear on your TV stand; dynamic sound on movies; two analog audio inputs; adjustable controls for treble, bass, and stereo width; built-in subwoofer; subwoofer output allows you to add a separate sub to the system.

The Bad Both audio inputs are always active, so sound gets mixed with devices that are always on, like DVRs; no digital audio inputs; can't fill a large room with sound; doesn't compare to separate speakers for music; remote's button layout is uninspired; can't support large, heavy plasmas.

The Bottom Line The Zvox Z-Base 525 sound bar delivers better-than-average sonics, and its unique pedestal design will make you forget it's even there.

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7.3 Overall
  • Design 9
  • Features 6
  • Performance 7

Surround sound and its accouterments tend to dominate a living room, requiring an AV receiver, several speakers, stands, and wires to make the whole thing work. That's why many people choose to skip surround sound, opting instead for the tinny acoustics of their TV speakers. Single-speaker solutions like the Zvox Z-Base 525 represent the middle ground, promising much better audio than your TV without all the fuss. The Z-Base 525 is particularly fuss-free; its unique design makes it look like nothing more than a pedestal for your HDTV. Even better, the Z-Base sounds better than most sound bars, although it doesn't have as much of the surround effect as other sound bars. (The step-up Z-Base 575 sounds even better, but it's larger and more expensive.) Like any sound bar, it doesn't compare to a full 5.1 system, but if you can live with the compromises, the Z-Base 525 ($350) is one of the more affordable options with respectable sound and an outstanding design.

Design and setup
The Z-Base 525's design is almost characterless, and in this case, that's actually a good thing. The Z-Base 525 is a black rectangular box, with the main cabinet constructed of medium-density fiberboard and with a black metal speaker grille on the front. While most sound bars are designed to sit in front of your HDTV, the Z-Base 525 is meant to act as a second "stand" for your HDTV. That's the genius behind the design. Many people have a problem with audio you can see (speakers, wires, stands), but the Z-Base 525 looks like nothing more than an extra block of wood to perch your HDTV on. (Zvox claims it's capable of supporting 90 pounds of weight; for reference, the Panasonic TC-P50G10 weighs 90.4 pounds.)

That's not to say the Z-Base 525 is a perfect fit for every environment. In fact, in our testing environment, we found that the extra 3.5 inches of height put the TV at a higher-than-desired viewing angle. We're probably more sensitive to this than the average viewer, but if you already have a tall TV stand, the Zvox might not be a good fit. Likewise, if your TV is wall mounted, the Zvox may attract more attention to itself.

The only visual indicator that the Z-Base is actually on is a small blue LED in the speaker grille that lights up whenever you change a setting with the remote, like adjust the volume. This is definitely better than having no indicator light, like on the Polk Audio SurroundBar SDA IHT, but it's still not ideal. We admit that a display on the front panel would have detracted from its design, but we wouldn't have minded at least a small LCD display on the top of the unit so we'd know if the Z-Base is pushed to the max or if there was still room to go.

The included remote is simple, but we longed for a better button layout.

The included remote of the Z-Base 525 is nearly as basic as the design of the main unit, but in its case that is more of a drawback. There are only 11 buttons total, but they are bunched together and similarly sized. While we longed for some button rockers and even a basic red button for power, the Z-Base 525 is simple enough that the uninspired remote is only a minor setback.

The Z-Base 525's sound comes from its array of five 2-inch drivers located behind the speaker grille from the front. The Z-Base 525 does not have a separate subwoofer, like some competing models such as the Polk Audio SurroundBar SDA IHT and Boston Acoustics TVee Model Two. Instead, the Z-Base features a 5.25-inches-tall built-in subwoofer, with a bass port pointed toward the back. If you're looking to add more punch, there's a subwoofer output jack to support a standalone sub.

The Z-Base 525 comes with a single stereo analog audio cable in the box.

The Zvox's connectivity options are simple; there are two analog stereo RCA inputs inputs on the back. Whether that's enough depends on your own setup, but it's certainly on the skimpy side (although it's more than the single input on the competing Polk SurroundBar SDA IHT).

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