Zeiss Exolens review: Zeiss delivers on its iPhone-lens promises

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The Good The Zeiss ExoLens series delivers excellent photo quality (for the iPhone), with no artifacts and great sharpness.

The Bad The screw mount can be awkward for quick swaps, the bracket mount blocks the camera's flash and you're bound to lose the tiny back caps. And they're pretty expensive.

The Bottom Line The three Zeiss ExoLens' for iPhone are fun to use and will improve your photographs, but not everyone will think they're worth the money.

Zeiss and Apple always seemed like a natural pairing, and now you can pop a Zeiss lens on your iPhone for a little variety in your angle of view. Like a lot of third-party lenses, they're fun to shoot with, and they certainly deliver the build quality and clear, sharp photos and video you expect from Zeiss. But I'm less enamored with the little details.

The product of a partnership between Zeiss and Fellowes -- you know, the office supply company -- Zeiss' solution consists of the Fellowe's mounting bracket and three of its own lenses: a 0.6x wide-angle, a variable angle-of-view macro, and a 2x telephoto.

The kit with the wide-angle lens is available now, though only through Apple's online and brick-and-mortar stores. And it's Zeiss, so expect to pay a princely sum: in the case of the wide-angle kit with mounting bracket, $200 (€250, AU$300). The other two lenses are slated to ship later this summer, with as-yet unknown prices.

As with a lot of add-on lenses, these are fun. Phone cameras have to compromise and pick a single focal length that will work in most settings; add-on lenses let you break out of the "normal" wide-angle view. The Zeiss' are all sharp, with no light loss or color artifacts.

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