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Zagg Zaggfolio for iPad 2 review: Zagg Zaggfolio for iPad 2

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Though the keyboard's a hit, we're a little less bullish about the folio case part. The outside is sheathed in a "carbon fiber textured" material that feels like soft patterned nylon. The hard case slots an iPad 2 into its top half and bends backward so the iPad 2 remains perfectly slotted in while typing, but flipped into a "normal" case mode the Zaggfolio feels bulky and floppy, and not at all ideal for reading. An embedded magnet awakens an iPad 2 for instant-on use, but we found this less necessary on a keyboard case that probably requires Bluetooth management between uses anyway. The Zaggfolio's thickness is similar to a thin-and-light laptop, and a plastic front snap keeps the case closed for the most part. Padded bumpers on the keyboard protect against content with the iPad's glass screen when folded up, but we still wouldn't trust this type of overall case compared with a true folio alternative.

The plastic keyboard can be removed from the folio case and used on its own; intriguingly, an iPad 2 will still stand upright in the removed keyboard. It's a clever bonus to the Zaggfolio's design, and we might even say after a day or so of use that we perhaps prefer the detached Pad/keyboard feel to the whole folio addition. The folio can also work with the keyboard removed. Though it becomes more lightweight, its cumbersome, thick design is terrible in comparison to dedicated folio cases. Plus, one side of the iPad 2 pops out from the plastic bracket by design. That works nicely for keyboard transformation, but it's lousy for flipping open the folio cover and reading. Targus' Versavu Keyboard Case felt much more sturdy by comparison.

In its keyboard-open mode, the Zaggfolio is a success. For pure case design and when the case is closed, it's a letdown. Overall, the Zaggfolio amounts to a solid buy for those who love a tucked-away Bluetooth keyboard and minimal setup fuss, and can live with a subpar case design. It's not perfect, but we've come to realize that's probably true of nearly every iPad keyboard case.

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